Winter is the perfect time for scheduling your school's astronomy night!

Please contact us at when requesting an event. Please include the following information:

     •      Your location

     •      Topics in astronomy that you would like to have covered

     •      The number of guests you expect to have

     •      Dates for the event

It is especially important to include a telephone number and e-mail to reach you.  Due to the high interest in our programs, especially during the school year, we try to accommodate as many requests as possible but reserve the right to limit our schedule.

Please keep in mind that our telescopes must have clear skies in order to see objects in the night sky. We will discuss cancellation policies and alternative dates, should we have cloudy weather.

If it is within your means, we suggest a donation to the John Kelley Texas Amateur Astronomers Scholarship at the University of Texas in Austin. Our members will have the necessary information on how and where this donation can be made.

Please keep checking this page for updates.

Public Outreach Program

We are more than happy to travel to your school or event to speak on astronomy and/or setup some telescopes to show attendees the night sky. Some of our presenters are even certified by NASA to lecture on a variety of projects to the public! We guarantee that you will get a great show for your group!